Hotspot image question pages can be used as either scored Test Questions or as non-scored Practice questions

To add a Hotspot Image Question Page to your project, select one of the Add Question options, then on the Add a Question panel:

  1. Select Rapid
  2. Select Hotspot Image then select either As Question to add the pages as a scored question or As Practice Question to add the page as a non-scored Practice question.


The Hotspot Image page has text elements for the Header.

It also has a placeholder for the image. 

Selecting the Pick an Image from your Media Library button opens the Media Browser so you upload and insert your image and start the hotspot set-up process.


After you've inserted the image, the Add Hotspots to Your Image panel will open.

You can add rectangular, circular or polygonal hotspots.

Once you have selected a hotspot shape you can add as many of hotspots of that shape in a row as you need. When you are finished with that specific shape you can select a different shape or select the the cursor option to stop adding hotspots.

To remove a hotspot, select it then select the X.

Each hotpot is numbered as you add it. You can give each hotspot a Title. 

The Zoom options drop down lets you set a display/zoom level for the image in the preview pane as you work. 


When you have added your hotspots, select OK.


The image is shown on the stage, with the numbered hotspots.

The Edit Question Properties panel will open to the right of the stage.

Hotspot areas are assumed to be correct selections, unless you mark them as a Distractor.

You can add item level-feedback for any hotspot, including feedback for distractors.

You can also use Question-level feedback or the Project's default feedback.


Learner Experience

When a learner arrives at a Hotspot Image page they click on the image to add marker pins. 

They then use the Submit button to submit their selections.

After they Submit they are shown individual feedback for each selection. The feedback shows the Title of the hotspot plus the item-level feedback. They are also shown any feedback as set on the Feedback option of the Question tab. 


Hotspot Image Practice Questions

If the Hotspot Image question is set as a non-scored Practice Question, the Settings options on the Question tab are available:



You can disable the Next and Previous buttons and set the number of attempts, for example.


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