Administrator Role: User Management in dominKnow | ONE

User Roles, Teams and Email Templates can make managing users easier for Business and Enterprise client teams

This article is a summary of the dominKnow | ONE features related to users, with links to more details for each feature.


There are three main roles in dominKnow | ONE:

  • Administrators
  • Authors
  • Reviewers

These are explained here:

User Roles in dominKnow | ONE 


Administrators vs. Authors 

This resource outlines the specific permission differences, feature by feature, for Administrators and Authors.

Administrator Versus Author


Customizable Author Roles

Business and Enterprise client teams can also specify custom Author roles. Some examples might be:

  • An Author who can only work in Flow or only work in Claro
  • An Author who can not publish content
  • An Author who can not invite reviewers

This resource outlines how to create and assign custom author roles.

Working with Custom Author Roles

Inviting and Managing Users

This resource outlines how to invite users of any role to your dominKnow | ONE site. 

Invite New Users

If you are inviting an Author or Reviewer, the invitation process will only provide them with an account in the dominKnow | ONE site. They will still need to be assigned to any specific Projects you want them to have access to edit or to review. 

After users have an account, you can manage the account to:

  • Assign them to specific content Projects
  • Reset their password if needed
  • Change their Role
  • Deactivate their account, and reactivate it in the future if needed

If you are an Administrator you can access the full user list under the Application menu (the three-line menu below the Home icon in the upper left corner of the interface).

This resource outlines the options for managing users.

User Management

For security purposes, Administrators cannot be deactivated from within your site. To deactivate an Administrator, please contact the dominKnow | ONE support team.


The Teams feature allows you to group users together to make it easier to assign them to Projects or to send them an email from the System.

For example, you might have a Team for the authors in each department in your organization, such as HR Authors, Sales Authors, etc. Or you may set up a team for a specific set of Projects, like your Onboarding Curriculum.

Teams can include Administrators, Authors and Reviewers. And users can be part of more than one Team.

This resource outlines how to create and manage Teams.

Create and Manage Teams

Email Templates

You can customize the email messages that your dominKnow | ONE site sends to users, such as:

  • When an Author or Reviewer has been assigned to a Project
  • When a Review Period has begun for a Project
  • When a user has forgotten their username

This resource outlines how to edit the default text in the system emails:

Email Templates 

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