A Series of Recorded Training Sessions

The assessment engine built into dominKnow | ONE is one of the powerful features you have available for creating quizzes/tests as part of your eLearning projects. It's flexible, powerful, and only requires a little bit of basic understanding. 

I'm recording a series of training sessions on Assessments that will build on each other.  And from these videos and other resources you have everything you need to create powerful and effective eLearning courses.

Part 1: A Simple Start

One of the most popular projects to create is a 1 Module, 1 Learning Object with a post-test, project. Depending on the resources you have to start with, you can create complete SCORM module courses very quickly.  It's a great way to get an MVP (minimum viable product) created as well. 

Part 2: Double the Fun

In part 2 of this series we add a 2nd Learning Object.  This will help you visualize what we mean when we say, "Tests are generated at the module level". 

Assessment questions stay associated with the content they support by being included inside the same learning object as the content. However, the questions within each Learning Object become part of the pool of questions for that module the learning objects are within.

I know.  Hard to describe in words. It's easier to see it in action.  Watch the recording from the link above.

NOTE: Assessment Training Part 2 ends at 19mins and then another recorded training session begins in the same video.

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