Creating Closed Captions

dominKnow | ONE videos support closed captions. The recommend format is VTT (best cross browser and device support).

  • YouTube: Creating transcripts with YouTube!
    Creates subtitles for uploaded videos automatically, but make sure you proof and edit – it will NOT be 100% correct
  • IBM Watson: Create your transcripts
    Transcribes speech to text for several major languages and includes some neat features
  • Use Amara to reate subtitles and synch your audio
    Freemium tool that helps you edit and synchronize subtitles
    Fast high quality on demand trascriptions, closed captions, for foreign languae subtitles 
  • PlayMedia
    Free service to convert from one format to another - e.g., SRT to VTT
  • Jubler
    Free tool to author and create subtitles
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