Everyone now and then, no matter how experienced you are at your craft, should take some time to reflect back on the basics. In this episode, we'll be talking with Myra Roldan about a practical "Back to Basics" approach to Learning & Development.



Myra Roldan is a TEDx speaker, author, Award-winning Instructional Designer. Myra has an MBA, MSEd and a Bachelors of Information Technology/Computer Science. Myra's passion is empowering people to explore and develop themselves holistically. She strives to evoke transformation in people by creating programs to enable them to become curious learners who develop the tech skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Her friends, students, and colleagues believe that her superpower is the ability to make complex technology accessible by making it easy for someone with little to no technology know-how to understand and get excited about the tech.

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