The answer is YES! You can teach creativity and use that ability to solve real business problems... and training problems too.



You know Kevin from his popular Drink'n'Draw episodes on IDIODC but you may not know that he has partnered up with 2 other amazing colleagues in our industry. And you likely recognize their names as well: Karl Kapp and Deb Thomas.

The 3 have joined forces to share their passion, skills, and experiences, teaching others to be innovative and think creatively. And yes, they can teach you how to be a creative thinker and innovative problem solver. 

We can't do that in a one-hour live stream, but we'll convince you that it's possible and then how you proceed is totally up to you. But don't worry. We'll give you plenty of options for continuing your creative journey after the show.

During 2020 we need more positive creativity and innovative problem solving than ever before. Join us!

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