Capture Feature Update May 2021

Do more and do even better with new features and improvements in version 1.3 of the Capture application

Version 1.3 of the Capture app is now available for both Windows and Mac users.

For most dominKnow | ONE users, the application will update automatically.

Some users with managed desktop permissions or other security restrictions may require a new application package. Contact our support team ( for help with that. 

Updated Capture training guide is available here >> 

Some of these new Capture features require dominKnow | ONE's upcoming 7.4 feature release.


Use Capture lessons as scored Test questions or as non-scored Practice questions

dominKnow | ONE now has a Software Simulation Test Question page which allows you to use a Capture lesson as part of a scored Test or as a non-scored Practice question.

You add the question page just like adding any other question page, then add a Capture lesson into the page's Placeholder.

Learn more >>

New Test Me mode 

You can also use the new Test Me mode on a capture lesson added to any page, not just a Software Simulation question page.

Here's a sample showing all the modes plus a scored test question >> 

Re-order steps when editing

You can now drag and drop to re-order the steps in a lesson. 

Note: Once a step has been dragged and dropped it can no longer be "scrubbed" to a different image.

Publishing as a Word doc

We've added back in the ability to publish a Capture lesson as a Word document under the Share button.

This now includes Introduction, Summary and Detail step text. 

Learn more >>

Type-in steps can now be case sensitive

Steps where learners type in text can now be made case-sensitive. (The default setting remains case insensitive.)

Publish as MP4 - experimental

You can publish your Capture lesson as an MP4 video file, available under the Share button.

The video is based on the Show Me mode, and includes the animated cursor. 

This feature requires installation of the OpenH264 Video Codec for both Windows and Mac users.

This feature is currently in an experimental phase as our team is continuing to tweak and improve the video output quality. 

Language setting on publish

On publish you can choose the language that the Capture lesson is in. It defaults to what your machine language is.

This feature is not currently used in dominKnow | ONE but has been added for future use.

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