Capture Feature Update Summer 2022 (Capture version 1.4)

New step options, text formatting and Word document publishing improvements highlight version 1.4 of the Capture application

Version 1.4 of the Capture application is rolling out this summer for both Windows and Mac users.

For most dominKnow | ONE users, the application will update automatically once it has been released.

Some users with managed desktop permissions or other security restrictions may require a new application package. Contact our support team ( for help with that. 

Updated Capture training guide is available here >> 

Some of these new Capture features require dominKnow | ONE's upcoming 7.4.2 feature release.


Add new Step types to any lesson

Authors can now add a Select step interaction or an Explanation step to any Capture lesson.

The Select Step option helps authors quickly set up a custom drop-down menu interaction and set the correct response.

The Explanation step option allows authors to add additional information as a unique step.

Both of these can easily be set up by Editing a Step via the Step Menu.

Learn more about Editing Steps >>

Text Formatting

Most text display areas now support formatting including:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underlining
  • Bullet and numbered lists

as well as adding images and links into these text areas.

Learn more about editing your Capture file >> 

Add additional images over a main Step image

You can now add extra images over top of the main image for any Step.

To do this, select the Draw option in the top row of the Capture Editing interface -- in addition to the previous shape options you'll see the option to add an image. 

Learn more about the Draw options and other editing features >>

Word Document publishing improvements

In addition to the Word Document publishing option available under the Share button you can now also include a Word Document version of the lesson as a download for the learner instead of or in addition to the Job Aid PDF document option.

And we've added a new option to allow authors to create their own design templates for the Word Document publishing.

Importing SAP Enable Now (.dkp) and Capture (.capture) files

You can now import a .dkp file created in SAP Enable Now and edit it in Capture and then add it to any dominKnow | ONE page in either a Claro or Flow project.

And if you're working with other dominKnow | ONE authors you can now also import a Capture (.capture) file made by someone else and be able to edit it.

Both of these are available under the Capture File menu, which has a new Import section.

MSI install package now available

For organizations that have managed or controlled desktops and require IT-team help in installing Capture, the Capture application is now available as an MSI package in addition to the previously available EXE option.

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