There are a range of settings available on the Options tab for uploaded video files 

When you have added an uploaded video on a page, selecting the video adds the Options tab to the ribbon: 


The Element section of the Format context tab has three options:

  • Change: Allows you to change the video for a different video.
  • Preview: Allows you to preview the video on the stage in authoring mode.
  • Reset Dimensions: Sets the video back to its default size if you have changed its display size on the page.


The Playback section of the Video context tab has seven options:

  • Autoplay: Sets the video to automatically play when the Page loads in Claro or the element comes into view in the browser in a Flow page. In Flow it will also automatically pause playing when it is no longer in view on the stage (for instance, if a learner scrolls down further on a long page)
  • Hide Controls: Hides the video player controls
  • Hide Play Head: Hides the “Play” icon over the video.
  • Loop Playback: Sets the video to loop continuously.
  • Allow Fullscreen: Sets the video player bar to include the option for viewing the video at Full Screen display. By default, this is set as on when you insert a video.
  • Allow Upscale: In Claro, this allows the video to be set to a display size larger than its actual dimensions. In Flow, this sets the video to automatically expand to fit the available space, if that space is larger than the video’s own size.
  • Closed Caption: Allows you to display closed captioning text if the video has a supported closed captioning file attached to it.
  • Disable Audio: Mutes the audio when the video is played. 


The Properties button allows you to view the Properties information for the video file, where you can edit the details you added when the video was first loaded by selecting the Asset Details tab then selecting the Edit button.

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