Play, Pause, Reset uploaded videos with your own buttons or actions

Link to example:

When you upload videos to dominknow you have many options. 

In some cases you may want to have more control over the video and limit the control the user has.  

In this case, you can start by Hiding Controls and Play Head in the Options tab. 

Read more about video options.


Then add buttons for the controls. You can also use images, text, or other elements with Triggers/Actions as player controls. For this example I used buttons.

Then add the Trigger "When Clicked" and the appropriate action to match the button.  You can Play, Pause, and Reset video.

In the image below the Play button is selected.  The Play action needs a target. The element named Video is selected as you can see by the checkmark in the Elements Interactions panel.



As you can see in the image above, we've added a timer.  This timer counts down as the video is being played and then resets when the video resets.  You can see how this was achieved in this answer to a recent question.

You can see how it works by viewing the example link at the top of this article.

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