Why isn't my SCORM package tracking results? Where does the problem lie?

When content doesn't seem to be tracking properly for some of your projects, you need to start taking a look at what SCORM traffic is being sent to the LMS and compare that to the results you are seeing.  The key step here is obtaining a full log of the communication between the project and the LMS.  With some LMS systems you can get this log for each login. A good example of this is the debug log in SCORM Cloud. However, most LMSes won't provide this information. Fortunately though dominKnow | ONE courses can provide debugging details.  


You can turn on debugging for the course so it always launches, but obviously this often can be a problem as ALL people using the course will see the log and if the course is live, this can be confusing. You can then instead use the browser's inspector tool and send a javascript command of ShowDebugWindow(); to the browser and this will force a launch of the debugger for your session. This information can then be reviewed to help you, and or dominKnow or your LMS vendor diagnose what might be happening and what might be the root cause of the problem.


Take a look at this ScreenCast to see how you can turn debugging on for your course during your indivdual launch of the content. The example is using Google Chrome, but other browsers have similar options.



Debug Window won't Open?

In some cases you may type in the ShowDebugWindow(); and it won't open.  If this is the case please review the drop down (where you picked "top") and change it to the one that has IndexAPI.html.   Once that is selected type in the ShowDebugWindow(); and you should be set.


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