Lee Gregory joined IDIODC to share his expertise and experience using VR technologies with his clients. 



VR Headsets? Avatars? Metaverse? You may have heard these terms, but aren't sure how you might apply them in your learning solutions.  You may still believe they are too expensive and out of reach for you and your team.  In this episode we want to help you see that these futuristic technologies aren't so futuristic any more.

Join us to learn how these technologies can help you achieve better L&D outcomes. Today’s VR training isn’t just for technical skills training – many companies use VR for onboarding, DEI, communication, and leadership training, whether stand-alone or in blended learning scenarios. We’ll talk about the real benefits of virtual reality training, share a few demos and answer all your questions!

Lee Gregary, from Immerse, joins us to share his expertise and experience using these technologies with Immerse clients.  You might be surprised by how they’re building a marketplace for virtual reality developers. Maybe someday soon we’ll see VR training similar to the video style training we see on platforms like LinkedIn learning. 

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