In this episode of Drink'n'Draw Kevin Thorn joins us and offers an opportunity for you to practice your sketchnoting skills this summer.  You're taking a vacation anyways, so you might as well do a little professional upskilling at the same time, right?



Our Drink'n'Draw host, Kevin Thorn, recently took his family to Disney World and he sketchnoted the entire experience.  

Of course he did.

If you think this doesn't have any relationship or impact on your work, well, you'd be wrong.

Analyzing business processes is a mandatory part of L&D work.  We listen.  We ask questions.  We watch. And then magic happens... poof... instructional objectives are written.

While that may be how your stakeholders see it, we all know the invisible magic is often a struggle in organizing data and working through business processes that often don't make sense. Most often these processes are trapped inside a SME's head and it's your job to get it out. Understand it. Document it. And then ask if that looks about right?

You might already use a spreadsheet and outline the process, or maybe a flow charting app. But have you ever just wanted to sketch it out and get the first draft visual done quickly in order to get their feedback?

And after the August IDIODC break, we expect to see examples of your work ;)

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