You can edit the local file stored on your computer, but generally it's a better practice to edit the file stored in the Media Library

As you work in the Capture application, the file you're working on is saved locally to your computer.

When you add the Capture lesson to a Page in dominKnow | ONE, the Capture file is automatically saved in the Media Library. The uploaded file contains both the published lesson and the editable source file. The file stored on your local computer is not deleted unless you choose to delete it. 

When the time comes to make an edit or change to the Capture lesson, you can open the local copy stored on your computer or download and edit the file stored in the Media Library. We recommend downloading the file from the Media Library to make changes, as it will always be the most up-to-date version of the file. For example, other team members may have already made edits to the file in the Media Library, in which case the copy on your local computer will now be out of date.

Editing the file stored on your computer

To edit the file stored on your local computer, use the Browse option on the Capture start panel:


The Recent Projects list shows the projects most recently saved on your computer, and you can select a file from that list to open and edit it in the Capture application.

Editing a Capture file stored in the Media Library

To Edit a Capture file that has been uploaded to your dominKnow | ONE site, open the Media Library and locate the file there.

If you know the original Project for which the file was uploaded you can use the Project Assets filter on the left side of the Media Library panel to filter for assets from that specific Project.

You can also select the All Assets filter then use the Search field at the top of the Media Library panel to locate the file. There is also a Capture filter (the Capture logo to the left of the Search field) to help limit your search to just Capture files.    

When you've located the file, select it. On the right side of the panel just below the preview area is the Edit In Capture button:


Selecting the Edit in Capture button downloads the file to your computer and opens it in the Capture application, ready for you to make your changes.

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    Posted 2 years ago rdunn 0   |   1  

    When editing in Capture, my colleague has a slider where she can choose several options of the capture for that particular scene. I do not have that option, only three dots underneath, which allow 3 choices. I have have openH264 installed. I tried uninstalling, closing Capture, then reinstalling it again. No change.

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      Posted 2 years ago Chris Van Wingerden 1357   |   7  
      We've sent this over to our support team, they'll reach out to you to try and sort out what might be happening