You can quickly make image edits and adjustments using the Image Editor

When you have an Image element selected on the Stage you can access the Options tab.

On the tab is the Edit feature:



Selecting Edit opens the Image Editor, where you can make changes to the selected image.

Here's a walk-through of the Image Editor features.



The Filters tab lets you apply filters such as black and white, sepia or posterize to the image.

TIP: You can reset your image back to its original state by using Reset button at any time.


The Colors tab lets you adjust the image for brightness, contrast, vibrance and sharpness.


The Effects tab lets you apply various effects to the image.

Focus Blur allows you to set an area to keep in focus and will then apply a blur to the rest of the image.


The Crop tab lets you crop the image as either a rectangle or as a circle.


The Adjust tab lets you resize, flip or rotate the image.

Saving your changes

When you are working in the Image Editor, your changes don’t get applied to the image on the stage until you select the Save Changes button.

Saving the changes creates a new image file in the Media Library – the original image file is not altered.

It also inserts the newly-edited file into the location of the original image on your page.

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