Editing the iframe code to adjust the size of the embedded VIMEO video

If you want to embed a VIMEO video you will need to copy the iframe code from VIMEO.  

To do this, look for the share button.  It looks like a paper airplane. 



Clicking the Share button will display the Share popup window.  The image below reflects only the bottom half of the Share popup window.


The iframe code will default to a "Fixed Size" as seen selected above.  In this case it defaults to Width="640" Height="360"

If you copy the embed code from the image above, you can paste it into the embed video Source field within dominKnow.


If you want the embed code to be responsive and change size based on the size of the container then you simply select Responsive from VIMEO and you'll see the code change to Width=100% Height=100%.


NOTE: If you are familiar with HTML5 you'll notice that the iframe is also inside of a div tag.

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