In this episode we're talking with Jeanne Bakker, founder of Brain Bakery.  We'll discuss how one of her client companies used gamification, storytelling, rewards, and manager commitment to redesign an onboarding program. We'll also make sure you leave with ideas about gamifying your own onboarding or other training programs as well as inspiration to measure your performance results.



The term Gamification is often used, and over-used, in our industry.  But any time I hear about measurable results I am immediately interested.

You may have seen Jeanne Bakker's YouTube videos or attended one of her many keynotes around the world.  She also hosts the podcast No More Boring Learning, but it's not in English so I haven't heard it yet.

Jeanne Bakker (1972), founder of Brain Bakery, studied Psychology, English Literature and the Science of Education. Jeanne has released several books including the bestseller 'Dealing with Dragons'. She develops and leads international trainings to large groups. In addition, she is trainer with a rare level of energy who designs impactful programs throughout the world. Her mission, No More Boring Learning, strives for fun and engaging learning programs that deliver measurable results.

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