In this episode of IDIODC, Brent and Chris bring on two special guests: Belen Bilgic-Schneider and Gus Prestera!



Belen and Gus share stories from the instructional design trenches, where they have been able to transform content design into a search for meaning by leveraging the power of critical incidents, stories, examples, non-exemplars, conversations, artifacts, scenarios, and cases. In other words, by putting context ahead of all other concerns, including content, interactivity, and aesthetics, instructional designers can architect more meaning-FULL learning experiences for their audiences, packing a greater learning punch, reducing time-to-proficiency, and maximizing return on learning investments. Once you buy into the idea that Context should be in charge, next comes the question of how you change the dynamic with your subject matter experts and stakeholders. We’ll talk about simple content gathering techniques you can start using immediately.

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