Andrew Barry joined us to discuss his approach to develope learning cultures.  Tune in for this insightful conversation!



Building a learning culture is the latest trending priority within many organizations. It's a daunting task. However, it's not impossible. Even the smallest shift in the corporate culture towards a learning culture can offer significant outcomes. But where do we start?

The most important step is to define a culture of learning within your organization. While there will be significant similarities at the strategic level for many companies, the systems, processes, and resources will be unique in each case. Once you've defined what the future learning culture should look like, then you should assess your current culture. You never know, you might already have a learning culture but it's just hidden beneath a tyranny of bureaucracy. So, let's start this conversation.

Andrew Barry joins us to discuss his approach to developing learning cultures. You can read more and prepare for what to expect, at his substack:

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