The term Learning Engineer is still new for many in the world of Learning and Development.  In this episode of IDIODC we look at how one Learning Engineer scaled up a learning solution in Zambia.  The struggles her team encountered were similar to what you find in other countries and organizations.

Our guest, Jodi Lis, shares her experience with the large scale project in Africa and also tell us about the work being done to standardize the new title: Learning Engineer.



Jodi Lis is Senior Advisor, Learning at IntraHealth International, a global health nonprofit that works to improve the performance of health workers and strengthen the systems. 

She designs and implements digital learning interventions in workforce development, pre-service education and capacity-building initiatives for health and education sectors in Africa. These include teacher training institutes in Liberia, midwifery and community nursing schools in Ghana, health providers in Zambia and teachers in Kenya. She directed a local educational technology organization in The Gambia, where she lived for thirteen years. She is on the Executive Board of IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE).  

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