In this episode, we were joined by special guest LaTarshia Wooten. We discussed why microlearning is a trend and what value it adds to your business. We also discuss different methods for creating microlearning videos and the pros and cons of each.



LaTarshia Wooten gave an amazing virtual session at last years online version of DevLearn.  We're very happy to bring her to IDIODC so the community can get to know her as well. She's a motivated practitioner of Learning Experience Design and quickly embracing a growing career.

LaTashia is a Learning Experience Designer with a background in communication and educational media. She has four years of experience with programming eLearning courses in Articulate Storyline 360. She also has experience implementing and serving as an administrator on a learning management system as well as programming videos using Vyond and Camtasia. Also, in the last few years, she's had the opportunity to speak at various conferences such as DevLearn and Learning Solutions. She believes that learning should be fun, interactive, and provides value to the learner.

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