In this episode, Amy Kay shares her knowledge and experiences engaging managers in the process of training their staff.  We'll the value created for the learner, the manager, and the business.  
Join us and bring your own examples to share in the chat so we can all help each other.



Learning is often seen as a solo endeavor. But in reality our learning requires input from others.  Sometimes that input comes from an instructor, and sometimes from your peers.  However, input and engagement from management during training sessions, and as part of the overall learning process, is often overlooked, or viewed as not necessary.

Managers want their employees trained but are often under a lot of pressure to "get them back to work".  Their business objectives will always take priority over the training objectives.  By integrating managers into the learning deployment they become involved in the process, understand the learning strategy, and can become strong advocates of your training solutions instead of being barriers.

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