If you need to inject information into an xAPI project via the URL you can do so using the standard format.

Actor Injection



Where paul.schneider%40dominknow.com is the email address.

LRS Injection and More

If you want to inject other elements your statement will look like this

http://example.scorm.com/TCActivityProvider/?endpoint=http://example.scorm.com/lrs/ &auth=OjFjMGY4NTYxNzUwOGI4YWY0NjFkNzU5MWUxMzE1ZGQ1&actor={ "name" : ["Project Tin Can"], "mbox" : ["mailto:tincan@scorm.com"] }&Registration=760e3480-ba55-4991-94b0-01820dbd23a2 &activity_id=http://example.scorm.com/tincan/example/simplestatement

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