Directly by authors or by IT departments for managed desktops

Capture is our feature for creating software lessons.

Capture is an application you download to your computer to record and edit the steps for your lesson. It's the only part of dominKnow | ONE that isn't browser-based.

The Capture app is available for Windows and Mac.

Default Install of Capture by Authors

If your organization allows users to install software on their own without IT assistance, your computer will download the Capture application the first time you make a lesson. 

You can also download it ahead of time from the options on the Add to Your Page panel. 

After it’s installed, the Capture application will check for updates each time you launch it and will automatically download any available updates.

Special Installation Step for Mac OS-X

On Mac OS-X the first time the Capture application is run after being installed it must be granted access to the accessibility features and be granted access to allow Screen Recording. This requires admin rights on the computer. 

A dialog will be shown for each of these.

On the dialog box select Open System Preferences and give access to dominKnow Capture for both Accessibility and Screen Recording. If the checkbox beside dominKnow Capture is already selected, please deselect and reselect it.

After granting access to these, quit the Capture application and restart it.

Installing the OpenH264 Video Codec

In addition to installing the Capture application we also strongly recommend downloading and installing the OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. (The codec can not be included in the Capture application due to its licencing arrangement.)

For authors using Windows, this codec improves the Capture recording process by enabling the application to capture a greater range of screen choices when you create your initial recording in Windows.

For both Windows and Mac users, the codec is required to publish an MP4 video version of a lesson.

Windows users will see a dialog box recommending the installation of this codec the first time you run the Capture application.

Mac users will see a dialog box recommending the installation of this codec the first time you attempt to publish an MP4 file.

You can also find a link to install the codec in the Capture Preferences (when Capture is running). Select Capture >> Preferences then select the Video tab. (If the Codec is installed you will see an Uninstall option on this tab.)

Manually installing the OpenH264 codec

If the normal installation process doesn't work for installing the OpenH264 video codec, you can try "manually" installing it instead.



  • Download the codec directly from here:
  • Unzip the file so you have the 'open5264-1.7.0-win64.dll' file 
  • It should be size 786KB (805, 712 bytes), Size on disk 788KB (806, 912 bytes) 
  • It then needs to be put in C:\Users\[user dir]\AppData\Local\dominKnow\Capture\ffmpeg 
  • Then restart Capture



Note: The codec is not needed for Mac unless you are using the experimental feature to publish to  MP4. For the capture and frame-selection process, Capture makes use of native Mac functionality instead of this codec.  


Installing Capture on Managed or Restricted Computers

Some organizations do not permit users to install software on company-regulated computers.

In these cases there are two typical scenarios:

  • IT installation and automatic updates after that
  • IT installation and IT-managed updates (which we refer to as a Standalone Installation)

For both of these dominKnow can provide installation packages (EXE or MSI) for your IT team, usually by download link. 

Once your company's IT team has downloaded the package they can review it and make it available through their normal desktop installation procedures.

In the case of IT installation and IT-managed updates, a specific Standalone Installation package is used. Additionally, any future updates to the Capture application will need to be received from dominKnow.  Please have your primary contact connect with your account manager or dominKnow support so they can provide your IT group access to Capture updates.

You will typically need to update your internal documentation so your dominKnow | ONE users know how to access and install the Capture application.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

If you have an issue with the Capture application the dominKnow support team may ask you to send the Capture Log files to help troiubleshoot for issues.

You can find these:

  • On Mac: Log files can be seen using the console application (in the Other/Utilities) under ~/Library/Logs/dominKnowCapture
  • On Windows: Log files can be found in C:\ProgramData\dominKnowCapture\Logs
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