Bryan Chapman joins us on this episode of #IDIODC for an informal discussion as he shares his framework for learning platform market segmentation.



It seems like every time you blink, a new learning platform pops into existence with some new innovative twist. There are now well over 800 learning platforms on the market. The real question is: what are we supposed to do with that information? How does any organization even begin to make sense of the crazy LMS (...or more like Learning Platform) market place.

Tune in for an informal discussion as Bryan Chapman shares his framework for learning platform market segmentation, with 10 primary segments and 37 sub-sectors based on different user models. After presenting his map of the learning space, we'll let the discussion and questions take us anywhere you'd like to explore. Some topics that may be fun to touch on include innovations around collaborative learning, balancing highly structured learning with learning-on-demand; and how many organizations use multiple technologies as part of a broader learning ecosystem.

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