On this episode, Judy Tseng talks with us about her teams approach to making accessibility a leading focus of development and how you can immediately get started improving accessibility of your projects.



If there were design principles that significantly improved the accessibility of your eLearning courses would use it?

Universal Design for Learning might be new to you, and your instructional designers. But accessibility is something we are all familiar with and should be working towards improving.  With today's authoring tools, like dominKnow, you can easily implement accessible learning content using universal design principles.

Judy Tseng helps us all better understand how to create training content that is easily navigable, and understandable for all users so that even if a participant has dyslexia, visual impairments, or is an English language learner, then can still navigate and comprehend the content just as successfully as the rest of their colleagues.

You'll be ready to create engaging training content accessible to a wide variety of audiences by simply following some very basic UDL principles.

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