The Job Aid feature in Capture auto creates a great stylized document, but you can make it yours by setting up a Word.DOT template.

In Capture, under

Windows: File -> Preferences -> Job Aid

Mac: Capture -> Preferences -> Job Aid

You can download the existing Job Aid Template, modify it in Word and then upload and add it as a new Job Aid Template to be automatically used by your Capture Projects. 


Word Template files .DOT

You can make a great many changes in the Word Template to brand the Job Aid however you like. Adjust the Title page, headers, footers, etc. Most changes are obvious, but here are a few items that are not immediately apparent.


Table of Contents: A Table of Contents is automatically generated, just use Scenes in Capture and all Scenes will be listed in a dynamic TOC.


Word Styles: Word Styles drive the look and feel of the document. Items like the text style formatting, spacing and even items like the "divider" line between steps are all driven by Word Styles.  If you modify the primary Word Styles used in the Template this will change your whole output. The following are the primary styles used in the template.

  • Heading 1: Used for the Scene names

  • Normal: Used for the step text and Introducton and Summary text

  • Table Grid: Creates the line between scenes steps

  • Intense Quote: Used for the table of contents header


Variables: Variables take a value from the Capture project and auto replace it in the Job Aid. Anywhere you want the Project Name for your Capture project to appear, use {{ProjectName}} and it will substitute the actual value into your job aid.

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