The Project Browser panel helps you find projects for editing and more 

The Project Browser panel is available from the Splashboard's Browse Projects button.

It is also available by selecting Open in the QuickLinks in the upper left corner of the authoring interface.

When the panel opens, it displays Recent Projects as its default.

If you are an Administrator user this will display Recent Projects no matter who created them or who has most recently edited them.

If you are an Author user you'll only see projects that you have created or that you've been assigned to work on.

If you are looking for a specific Project and don't see it displayed in the Recent list you can choose the Browse tab to access more options for finding Projects.

Browse allows you to filter by:

  • My Creations: These are all the projects you've created.
  • My Favorites: These are the projects you've marked as your favorites by selecting the project from the list of projects and clicking the little star near the title on the details that appear on the right of the browser. Regardless of how you filter the projects list, your favorites will always appear at the top of the list.
  • Assigned to Me: Will display all the projects you are currently assigned to.
  • Team Creations: Will display all projects created by your team (assuming you've been assigned to a team).
  • Pending Resolution: Will show all projects that have outstanding reviewer notes.
  • Authors I Follow: Will show only those projects created by the authors you follow. You can select the Authors I Follow text to list all projects by all of the authors you follow or select each author's avatar to see their specific projects.

You can also use the Search field above the Projects list to narrow down results and/or sort the list by:

  • Last Modified
  • Date Created
  • Title

If your organization has Collections, Categories or uses Life Cycles, then you can use the options listed below the Browse tab to filter for Projects related to each.

When you select a project, its details will be shown in the right side of the panel.

The display shows:

  • The unique Project ID number
  • Review period information
  • Collection and Lifecycle statuses if applicable
  • Which authors are assigned to the project
  • Publishing information 

You can use the Open button in the lower right corner to open the project for editing. (You can also double-click the Project name in the list to open it for editing.)

You can Preview the Project using the Preview option. This is helpful if you need to confirm you've selected the correct project.

It's also a great option to use if you've been asked to provide a review of a team mate's project, as the Preview provides all of the Reviewing features. It saves you opening the whole Project for editing.

The Actions option opens a menu with the following options:

  • See Checklist displays the publish checklist for the project.
  • Publish takes you to the publishing panel.
  • Save as New allows you to make a copy of the project either as a Shared copy (sharing/re-using all Learning Objects across both the original and copied Project) or as a Duplicate (in which new copies of all content are created and the Learning Objects are no longer connected to their originals for updating).
  • Duplicate for Translation opens the translation process.
  • Delete allows you to delete the Project.

What Do the Colors, Letters and Indicator Bubbles Mean?

On the Project Browser and in other place like the Splashboard you'll see Projects can have red or blue squares.

Red means it's a Claro project, Blue means it's a Flow Project.

The letters shown in the square indicate Project's Type. Often this is set as part of selecting a specific Theme or Player Experience, and it can also be set or changed on the Project Properties panel. 

For example, a C in the square indicates the Project's Type is set to Course while Ac in the square indicates the Project's Type is set to Activity.

The squares will also often display an indicator "bubble" for the Project's review status. An example in this image is Protecting Information Security and Privacy, which has an orange bubble on its square.

Here's what the indicator color coding means:

  • Blue - A Review period is set but has not yet started (i.e., post-dated review period) 
  • Orange - The Project is currently in a Review period.
  • Red - The review period has finished.

Following Authors

The Project Browser's Browse tab has a filter option for Authors I Follow.

To follow an author, select a Project they've created then:

  1. Select their avatar.
  2. On the info panel that opens, select the Follow option.

Once you are following an author the Follow option on the info panel will change to Unfollow.

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     Asked one year ago    darcy.goshorn      13   |   2  
    Could you add to this article an explanation of the color & letter(s) that appear in the icons next to the names of the projects? I'm pretty sure that the color of the icon denotes the app (blue for Flow, maroon for Claro), and I'm pretty sure that the letter(s) in the icon denote the "Learning Experience" type.
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       Answered one year ago    Chris Van Wingerden      1357   |   7  
      <p>Good suggestion, Darcy! We'll take care of that - and yes, your understanding of the colours and symbols is correct.</p>