Thursday Meetup

Brent demo'd a project/testing structure with the following parameters:

  • 5 Chapters
  • Each Chapter has a 2 question quiz created from a pool of 10 questions
  • Final Test = 10 questions randomly pulling 2 questions from each Chapter

Proposed Solution -

  • 6 Modules: 5 Modules with 1 LO each for the Chapters.
  • Each LO within each Module has 10 test question pages. LO Settings at Randomize 2/10.
  • 6th Module is Final Test: All LOs duplicated into Module. Add additional LO with one page for instructions and Take Test Button. Also turn deactivate next button. 10 question test is generated using 2 randomly selected questions for each LO.


Request: Looking for tips and tricks on page designs that would print best in Flow. Some responsive pages format in strange ways when you just do a straight print.


Feature request: Adding some sort of PDF generator to handle some of the formatting issues for printing


Aaron was curious about how we might pull outline elements dynamically into a page. Currently if you want to use the No Nav Theme and want to create your own outline on a page or in a popup you need create that list manually. He'd like some sort of widget or component that would pull the same structure info that generates the current outline into a component or other element.


Today we started our SVG project as part of our "I wonder if I can do that in dominKnow" projects. Matt created a test project and showed us how to code an SVG as a clipping mask to crop out another image. He's going to continue working on it with the goal being a draggable mask that crops as you drag it.

Work in Progress:

(Amy shared a great link to learn more about SVG clipping masks:

A use case could be something like an x-ray vision element. Let's say you have an image of a human body. When you drag the mask (circle shape) over parts of the body it exposes the bones, or internal organs, or muscles, or whatever you're studying.

Matt had done something similar in old Claro years ago.

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