Our Switch to a New Support and Ticketing System

Expected to be complete July 15

In the coming week the dominKnow support team will be switching from Zendesk to Jira Service Manager as our support request submission and tracking tool.

Limited Changes to Submitting Support Requests 

Overall, you’ll experience very few changes.

If you use the Get Support options within your dominKnow | ONE site, you’ll see no difference. The Get Support forms will now submit automatically to our new support system.

The same with any requests submitted using support@dominKnow.com. This email will now also submit to the new system.

One place where things may be different, though, is if you reply to an existing reply email from Zendesk, such as an automated Request Received email. These emails use a Zendesk-controlled email address that we can’t move to the new tool, so these replies will still go to the Zendesk tool. Our team will continue to monitor Zendesk through the transition period to ensure continuity.

Accessing Your Requests

As part of the transition we’re migrating all existing tickets from Zendesk to Jira Service Manager so you’ll be able to access the new customer support portal to view your tickets, past and present, and submit new support requests from the portal as well. 

We’ll be following up with more information on accessing this portal once the migration and switch over is completed.

What Do I Do if I Have Issues During the Transition?

If you have any issues during the transition period, please send an email to SupportTransition@dominknow.com.

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