Package Exchange Notification Services


PENS is an eLearning standard that enables content creation systems to send packages to learning systems so they can automatically pick them up and process them, be they new packages or new versions of existing packages. In summary, it provides a seemless method to send content over to your learning system. 

dominKnow|ONE provides PENS support out of the box. If your LMS provider provides PENS support, you can send your dominKnow packages directly over to your LMS without the need to manually upload packages, thus saving you a lot of time and effort!

If it doesn't support PENS you may wish to learn about our Convey hosting option which speeds up your publishing process and more. Contact dominKnow for more information.

Learning Platform (LMS) Partners that Support PENS

These Learning Platform providers work directly with dominKnow through PENS

Generic PENS setup Guide

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