My course won't launch 

If you are running into a situation where, when you launch a course in a mobile app you see a Launch Screen, but the content won't load and all you see is a "Launch Screen" page or the spinning "load" symbol, then two things are happening:

  1. You have your course set to open in a new window when launching from a device. (This is the default option for best overall performance)
  2. The mobile app you are using doesn't allow courses to open/launch content in a new window.

How do I fix it?

What you need to do is republish the course with the "open in new window on device" option turned off.


  1. Edit the publishing profile you are using
    1. Easiest way is to click on publish, scroll down and click on the ... icon next to the publishing profile you are using.
    2. When the publishing profile is open, click on Edit.
    3. Click on the third tab and turn off the open in new window when on device option.
    4. Save the publishing profile and return to the publishing screen.
  2. Republish and then reload your SCORM package into your LMS


For more details on the publishing profiles see our user guide (editing publishing profiles).


NOTE: The open in a new window option is recommended for mobile content as the standard mobile browsers do not currently provide the same level of support for payback of content that uses multi-frames typically found in SCORM packages. When turning off this option please review your project's functionality and performance to identify any cosmetic issues your users may experience. 


When taking a course offline in a mobile app, the course stops and does not let a user continue

If your mobile app allows the project to run offline with no internet connection, your users may get a message telling them they have been disconnected from the LMS and then prevent them from continuing. This feature is designed to keep people from taking a course when they have lost the LMS connection, and thus lose their tracking results. In an offline mobile app situation you will want to turn this feature off.


For the projects in question, edit the the Publishing Profile and turn on "Disable Offline Check".

Using a mobile app with dominKnow: Convey

If you are using dominKnow's dynamic publishing option, Convey, the content for your projects is hosted online. When using a mobile app, if the mobile app permits running content that is online you should not have any problems with using Convey. If the app permits or requires the content to be offline/disconnected from the internet, then you will not be able to run content published through Convey with that app and you must publish it using dominKnow | ONE's standard LMS publishing options.

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