dominKnow | ONE has multiple preview options to help you see what you're making as you make it

There are several different ways to view a preview of your content as you're authoring a Project. 

Here's a run-down of all the Previewing options. 

Previewing from the Quick Links in Claro

In the upper left corner of the authoring interface are Quick Links to help you carry out different task quickly. Included in the Quick Links is the Preview drop-down list.

In Claro it has two options, Current Page and Full Project


Current Page Preview

Current Page Preview opens a new browser window with the page you are currently authoring:


Current Page preview is great for quickly seeing just what you're working on.

At the top of the Preview is a Console button. Select this to open a panel displaying all actions and events that have been carried out on the page:


You can select an event on the Console and see the related element highlighted in a dashed red box in the preview browser.

Back in the dominKnow | ONE authoring browser you can also select elements on the Stage and see them highlighted in the Preview.

You can leave the Current Page preview browser open as you work. If you change something on the page as you author, the preview will display a reload prompt so you can see the change.

Leaving the Current Page preview browser open is a nice time-saving option, much quicker than constantly re-selecting the Current Page Preview from the drop down then waiting for the preview browser to open again.


Full Project Preview

Full Project Preview opens a new browser window with the complete Project you are currently authoring, including content pages and any assessment questions as well as the full navigation bars:


You can use the navigation controls to work through all of the pages in the project.

The Reviewer Notes tool bar is also displayed so you can add notes as you preview to track items that you need to adjust or change.

The behavior of the Full Project Preview is set by the Publishing Profile assigned to the Project. For example, if the profile has pre-testing turned on then you'll see pre-testing as part of the Full Project Preview.   

Previewing from the Quick Links in Flow

In Flow the Quick Links Preview drop-down list has three options, Current Page, Full Project and Compare:


The Current Page and Full Project previews are similar to the Claro versions.

In Flow, though, both of these previews include an additional display bar at the top:


You can select the device icons on the left to automatically adjust the preview's display size to match. At the right end, the icons show which breakpoint range the preview browser is currently within. (Unlike authoring on the Stage, these icons are display-only and are not selectable.) 


Compare Preview

The Compare Preview option opens a browser window with two Full-Project displays of your Flow project side by side:   


This helps you see how the same Flow content pages will be viewed on different-size devices.

The two previews are synchronized. Scrolling down a page in one preview also scrolls down the page in the other. And selecting the Next button on one of the navigation bars will advance both preview displays at the same time.

You can use the Reviewer Notes tool bar to add notes as you preview.

Previewing from the View Tab

If you select the View tab on the Ribbon, you'll see it has a Preview section at the left end:


The Current Page, Full Project options are available here, as is the Compare preview option if you are working in a Flow project.

There are three additional preview options available here:

  • Document (if you select the Preview drop down button)
  • Parent Page
  • On Device

The Document preview option opens a browser with a preview of the document-published version of your project.

Parent Page is available only if the page you are currently authoring is a copy of another page. This opens a preview of the original page so you can compare it to the copied version you are working on. This can be especially helpful when working in a translated copy of a Project. This option is also available under the Translation section of the Home tab:


The On Device Preview is available for both Claro and Flow projects. It opens a panel that has a QR code as well as a link:


You can use the QR code or the link to preview the full project on your moblie device. 

Previewing from the Browse Projects panel

You can also open a Full Project Preview from the Browse Projects Panel.

Select a project then select Preview in the lower right of the panel, below the project details: 


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