You can use a lesson five different ways to help your learners

When you are finished making edits to your Capture file you can publish the file then add it to a page in a dominKnow | ONE project.

To do this:

In the Capture Editing panel, select the Share button in the upper right corner:


Select Publish For Authoring:


If you haven't saved the Capture file yet, the Save dialog box will open:


Add a Name (required) and a Description (optional). Select Save and the Publish for Authoring panel will open:



You can change this setting based on the more than 50 languages available to choose from.

Step Duration
If you don't have audio narration for your steps, the Step Duration check box will be selected indicating that each Step will be given the duration shown in the time field. In the image above, the Show Me steps will each take 4 seconds to complete their animation. You can change the time value by typing in the field.

If you select the Original Recording Length option, the timing of each step will be based on the time you took when creating the Capture recording.

NOTE: If you have narration then the timing is based on each Step's narration file (and this Step Duration feature is not available).

The Show dropdown allows you to select what the learner will see for each step:

  • The screen image alone
  • The screen image with hotspot
  • The screen image with hospot and annotations (Draw items and Markers)

Additional Settings

You can choose whether the learner will see the Details text in Show Me and Guide View modes. (Details text is never shown in the Try Me mode.)

You can choose whether the Pan and Zoom feature is on or off at the start of the lesson. The learner can choose to switch this setting using the lesson interface.

You can choose whether to include a downloadable Job Aid as a PDF file as part of the lesson. The Job Aid shows the text for each step plus the screen area within the step's hotspot. If this setting is on, the learner will see a download button.

You can choose whether to include a Document version of the lesson. The Document version is based on the Guide View mode, including image sizing sewttings made by using the Guide mode option in the top menu. 

The Reset button (in the lower left corner of the panel) will revert any changes you make to the settings above.

The Preview option opens a new Browser tab with a preview of your Capture lesson so you can test-drive the Show Me, Try Me and Guide View modes.

Cancel will take you back to the Edit mode.

Next will finalize the publish process for the lesson. The lesson package will be finalized and the panel will change to show that the simulation is ready:



If you started the Capture process by adding a Capture lesson to your page from the Add to Your Page panel, drag the thumbnail to the placeholder on the page.

You can also add the Capture to any page directly. For a Claro page, drag the thumbnail image and drop it anywhere on the Page. For a Flow page, drag the thumbnail image and drop it on an empty Placeholder on the page.

In all cases, the file will be uploaded to the dominKnow | ONE site and added to the page. It will also be automatically stored in the Media Library.

On the Publish For Authoring panel:

  • Share as a GIF lets you publish the lesson as an animated GIF
  • Preview opens a preview of the lesson in a new web browser tab
  • Close closes this panel and returns to the Edit panel.

Controlling the Capture lesson on the page

Once you've added the lesson to a Page you can set how you want the simulation to behave on the page. Select the element on the page then select the Options tab. You'll see several options there:


There are several Experience settings available:

  • Show Me: This setting tells the Capture file to behave as an animated demonstration. The file automatically adds an animated cursor as well as zoom and pan of the screen images.
  • Try Me: This setting tells the Capture file to behave as an interactive version. The learner is shown the Steps Text and carries out each step in sequence.
  • Guide: This setting tells the Capture file to behave as a step-by-step guide that can be used much like a job aid.
  • Test Me: This setting hides the steps so a learner can practice without support. The Test Me mode has an option, Show Hints.
    • With Show Hints not selected, the learner will recieve only one attempt at each step in the Capture simulation. They are moved to the next step whether they have submitted correctly or incorrectly. Feedback is provided when all steps are completed.
    • With Show Hints selected, the learner will recieve up to three attempts at each step in the Capture simulation. On the first wrong selection they are shown the Feedback Text. On the second and third wrong selection they are shown the feedback Text and the Step Text as well as a Hint button. If the learner is still wrong after the third attempt for the step, the correct hotspot area is shown as a hint on the screen capture and they have to select it to continue.

Note: If you use a lesson in Test Me mode on a regular (non-question) page, it does not affect any test scoring and the page can't be dragged into the Test Question folder.   

In a Flow page, each of the Experience options is responsive and will adjust its display properties based on available width in the page. For example, at wide display sizes the Show Me features the Steps list to the right of the animation while at narrow display sizes the Steps are displayed below the animation.


Show Steps

This sets whether you want the learner to see the list of steps as part of the Show Me experience option.

Show Hints

This option is only available for Test Me mode, as described above.


You can tie the completion of the lesson to a variable for tracking.

Capture lessons as scored test questions

To use a Capture lesson as a scored Test Question or as a non-scored Practice Question, you need to add a Software Simulation question page to your Project. You can then add the Capture lesson to the placeholder on the question page.


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