dominKnow | ONE's Page Screenshots option allows you to publish a Word document, PDF or ePub file

One of the document publishing options available in dominKnow | ONE is publishing a printable screen capture version of a Project.

Before you can use this publishing option you must create an image of each page in the Project by using the Commit button in the lower right corner below the Stage:


The Commit process creates an updated Thumbnail for the page that is shown when the Project Outline to the left of the Stage is in Card View mode. These thumbnail images are also used in the Screen Capture Document Publishing Option.

NOTE: You must Commit each page one at a time. You cannot use the Batch Commit option for this, as it does NOT create thumbnail images for the pages.


    Publishing the document

    To publish the screen capture document:

    1. Select Share
    2. Select As a Document


    On the Publish panel: 

    1. Select Page Screenshots (Committed Pages) from the Profile drop-down list. You can also change the Format drop-down from the default .doc setting to to PDF or ePub.
    2. Select Publish at the bottom of the panel.


    Select the Download Package link to download the published document:


    The document will be structured according to the Project Outline as set up in dominKnow | ONE and will contain screen captures for each page:


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    Questions  ( 1 )

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       Asked 3 years ago    mmingo      10   |   2  
      I published all pages individually. I then tried this and the 'Document' option does not appear on either the View Screen or the Publish Screen. What could be the reason?
        Answers ( 1 )

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         Answered 3 years ago    Chris Van Wingerden      1347   |   7  
        I've checked with our support team, looks like the Print as Screen Capture feature needs to be turned on for the dominKnow | ONE site you're working in.

        We'll get our support team to resolve that.