SCORM, AICC and xAPI are all supported

Under your avatar is the Share button (1).

It lists all the publishing options available.

NOTE: Not all subscription levels have access to all of the publishing options.

On the Share panel is the With my LMS option (2), used for publishing for an LMS.

Selecting that option starts the publishing process.


The Publishing panel will open.

Package Details

The publishing process will automatically pull in the Project Title and Description, if available. You can choose to alter these if needed.

Learning Standard

Choose the file format (SCORM 1. 2004, AICC, xAPI) and choose a PENS target if your LMS is PENS compatible and a target for it has been set up in your dominKnow | ONE site. 

xAPI Data

If you are also sending xAPI data to a spearate LRS, choose the target LRS to send xAPI data (an LRS needs to be set up as a Target in your dominKnow | ONE site.)

Select Profile

The Publishing Profile lets you set the Test, Navigation, and Behavior Options for the course package. There is a Default Profile available, and you can use the "..." button to create your own custom Publishing Profiles.


Selecting Publish will package your project in a ZIP file. The file will download automatically. You can upload the ZIP file into your LMS.



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