1 Project with Multiple Randomized Quizzes & Final Test Using Same Questions

NOTE: This is an advanced use of the powerful builtin assessment features of dominKnow|ONE for a very specific use case.  Most users will take a much more simplistic approach to structuring their tests. 

This project framework is setup to do several things:

  1. It has 5 "Chapters" of Content and a Final Test where the Final Test determines pass/fail.
  2. Each chapter generates a 2 question quiz at the end of each.
  3. Each chapter quiz randomly uses 2 questions from a pool of 10 questions.
  4. The Final Test is 10 questions built from randomly using 2 questions from each chapter's pool of 10 questions.
  5. Quizzes are NOT scored.  The Final Test is scored and is the only data determining pass/fail.

The 5 Chapters of this project are setup as modules with 1 Learning Object in each. An additional Module is added with all 5 Learning Objects from the previous modules copied into it. The first page of this FINAL TEST module uses a button to launch the test which bypasses the content page in each learning object.


 Module 1

  Learning Object 1

 Module 2

  Learning Object 2

 Module 3

  Learning Object 3

 Module 4

  Learning Object 4

 Module 5

  Learning Object 5


   Learning Object - Final Test Instructions

   Learning Object 1 (copied from above)

   Learning Object 2 (copied from above)

   Learning Object 3 (copied from above)

   Learning Object 4 (copied from above)

   Learning Object 5 (copied from above)

  0     0

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