An easy, no-download-no-upload way to export a Project's fully-editable source-code and import it into another ONE site

There are several use cases where client teams find they want or need to send a copy of a Project from one dominKnow | ONE site to another.

For large client teams, they might have some standard projects on a Production site that they wish to also have on their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) site to run QA checks on as part of approving feature releases.

Third-party authoring vendors might develop a Project on their own site then need to send a copy of it to a client's dominKnow | ONE site.

Or sometimes teams create something during a trial and want to have a copy of it in their eventual full account site.

dominKnow | ONE has a simple way to send a copy of a Project from one ONE site to another that doesn't require any downloading or uploading of files at all.

The two-part process sends and imports the Project and its Theme.

NOTE: The imported Project is a separate copy of the original project. If you update the Project in one site your changes will not synchronize to the second Project in the other dominKnow | ONE site.

Sending a Project to another dominKnow | ONE site

To export the Project you need to open it for editing.

Then, select the Application Menu (1).

Select Export (2).

Then select Send a Copy to Another dominKnow | ONE (3).

On the panel that opens, select Generate Code (4).

You will see an animation as the package is processed and readied for export.

Once the package has been processed, you can select Copy Code (5) to copy the import code to your clipboard.

You can now log in to the second dominKnow | ONE site, or email this code to the administrator of the second dominKnow | ONE site. 

The code will be valid for seven days.

Importing the Project into the Destination dominKnow | ONE Site

In the destination dominKnow | ONE site select the Application Menu (1).

Select Import (2).

Select Receive a Project from Another dominKnow | ONE (3).

On the panel that opens, paste the code into the available text entry field (4).

Select Submit (5).

The destination dominKnow | ONE site will connect to the originating site automatically and import the prepared package. 

When the import is complete the new Project will open for editing.

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