Which Action fires first? What order are the Actions fired in?

In dominKnow | ONE you can assign multiple Actions to the same trigger.

For example, clicking a button (the trigger) can:

  • show one element on the page
  • hide another element
  • set a variable

So, what order do these Actions get fired in?

By default, the order is the order in which the actions were created or added.

For the example above, if the Show action was created first then the Hide action was added then the Set Variable action was added, the firing order of the actions would be Show, Hide, Set Variable.

Generally these actions would all fire pretty quickly in sequence and for the learner the effect would really be close to them all firing at once. 

Using the Timer setting to control the firing order of Actions 

If you want to have greater control over the timing of multiple actions you can use the Timer option when setting up each action. 

This is available on the Element Interactions panel to the right of the Stage.

The settings are Minutes : Seconds.Decimal.

In the illustration shown here the Timer is set to 0.1 seconds, meaning the Action to show the image will fire 0.1 seconds after the Button is clicked.

A small delay like that won't be too noticeable to a learner. If you do want the learner to notice the sequencing, a longer timer setting is better to allow the learner to track the changes and create a more pronouned effect. 

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     Asked 2 years ago    redmondd      21   |   5  
    Unanswered Question on this, if you edit one of the actions afterwards does that end up changeing the order? So, if you edit the action that was in position 1 of 3, does it now shift to be 3 of 3? I do notice the order changes on the edit screen.