How you add styles matters

In some cases you may be applying a project style to a text element with a bulleted list.  Within that list you may have a word that is hyperlinked.  And in this case you don't want the default hyperlink color formatting that is applied in the Theme, and/or you don't want to change it at the theme level.

The order in which you create your hyperlink, apply a custom style, and then style the entire element matters.

Step 1: Create your style for the element as a whole and your style for the hyperlink.

Step 2: Select the word you want to apply the hyperlink too. Select the 3-dot menu in the element menu bar. Select Link to URL.

Step 3: Select the hyperlink word. Then select Format Tab and Styles dropdown. Then select the custom style you created.


Step 4: Apply bullets format to the text

Step 5: Select the element and now apply the style to the element as a whole

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