Easily identify key projects to make them simple to find  

The Favorites feature helps you easily create a list of key projects to help you find them quickly and easily.

Unlike Collections and Categories which are an organization-level way to grow Projects together, Favorites are just for you, the author.

Adding a Project to Your Favorites

There are two easy ways to add a Project to your Favorites list.

The first is on the Browse Projects panel. 

When you have a Project selected, there is a Star icon on its details pane.

Selecting the Star icon will add the Project to your Favorites. The Star icon will turn to blue, and you'll see the blue Start icon displayed beside the Project name in the Project Browser lists. 

The other way to add a Project to your Favorites is available on the Project Insights.  

There is a Star icon on its details pane, much like on the Browse Projects panel.


Finding Your Favorites

Projects added as your Favorites will be pinned at the top of any relevant lists on the Project Browser, such as the Recent Projects. 

They are identified by the blue Star icon.

You can also select the Browse option on the left menu (1) then select My Favorites in the list of Filters (2).

This will list all Projects that you have identified as Favorites. 

Removing a Project from Your Favorites

To remove a Project from your Favorites, simply deselect the Star icon on either the Project Browser panel or on the Project Insights.

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