Controlling when your Reviewers can provide Comments on your Project

Reviewers can log into their acount at any time but they can only add Comments to a project when the Project is in a Review period.

You can set a Review Period on the Review panel.

In the Review Status section you can set a Start and End Date for the review period. You can set a review period in the future - it doesn't have to start on the current date.

Select the Start Review toggle to set the review period. The toggle will change to say End Review.  If the review period is in the future, it will start on the start date.

If you have the Send Notifications check box selected, then all Reviewers assigned to the Project will receive an email message that a review period has been set, including the date details.

When a Review Period has been set, you can turn it off by selecting the End Review toggle. You have to turn off the Review Period if you wish to change the dates. 

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