Michelle Parry-Slater joins to help us make sense of Blended Learning Methods. Blended Learning is not a new concept, and the term may feel a bit old. However, it works!



Before technology we had 1 method of instruction: Classroom based learning with student/teacher guides. But as technology and the internet began to grow the world gained many new options. Sadly, this initially led to thoughts of learning solutions that would replace the classroom and the instructor.  

Today, we've all, finally, accepted the fact that learning is a long term process. One training event cannot truly be the only event required for the realization of business impact. We now mix and match self-paced eLearning segments, shorter classroom experiences (sometimes online), and mobile reminders or micro learning.  In some cases there may even be virtual reality or mixed reality thrown into the mix.

And with the new Artificial Intelligence, or AI, technologies, there's no telling how many different mixed media experiences one might have to more accurately learn and master a particular topic. There is a lot for us all to learn.

Thankfully, we have Michelle Parry-Slater joining us to help make sense of it all. She is an award-winning L&D professional with more than 15 years' experience in the industry. She is the Founder and Director of Kairos Modern Learning, an L&D consultancy specializing in driving a shift from traditional courses to the best of digital, social and face-to-face workplace learning.

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