Summer 2022 – Feature improvements and Capture release

Bringing together Capture 1.4 and a whole host of feature improvements

So far 2022 has had a different focus for the dominKnow software development team.

In December 2021 we released version 7.4.2 of dominKnow | ONE. You can learn all about that feature release right here.

Since then our Capture team has been putting together Version 1.4 of our Capture application, which started rolling out to authors recently. You can learn all about that right here

And our dominKnow | ONE development team team has been focussed on smaller-scale feature improvements rather than completely new features.

A lot of this has been helped along by our customers' ideas, input and requests as they started using our 7.4 series features over the past year.

Here’s a round up of these dominKnow | ONE feature improvements. Many have been released as part of smaller updates over the past few months, and we felt it’s a good time to provide a summary of them all in case you haven’t discovered them on your own yet.

Reorganization of the Add a Question panel

As we’ve added more and more question types over the past few feature releases, the menu on the Add a Question panel has become busier and longer. 

In our most recent release the Question pages are reorganized into two categories, to simplfiy the options.

Under the first category, Rapid, you’ll find all of our new-generation questions, which are all wizard-based and quick and simple to use along with simplified versions of our original-generation questions for. The Rapid questions are all styled similarly so they look cohesive together in any Project. Question Types include:

  • True or False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Multiple Pulldowns
  • Multiple Choice (Text or Images) 
  • Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Hotspot Image
  • Image Label Drag
  • Scenario
  • Software Simulation

Under the second list, Custom, you’ll find all of our legacy question options, including the Starters that match the visual design template your course is using. 

This reorganization will help new authors get started more quickly with test questions.

Tutorial Theme updates

The Tutorial player was originally designed with microlearning and job aid/performance support in mind but we’ve heard from many authors that they’d love to use it as a different way to present full elearning course content. So we’ve added several improvements and new features to the Tutorial player to help with that goal:

  • A new setting allows authors to hide Pages from the outline
  • It now supports forced sequential mode 
  • Authors can include module titles and end screen cards (for completed modules that have testing) on the home page
  • Authors can now hide the reading time from learning objects on the home page
  • A new publishing profile option has been added to support non-linear completion of content. If a user has skipped content, clicking Next on the final page of the module will use a Branch to Page action to redirect the user to the skipped content. Once the skipped content is complete the Next button will then branch to the end screen.
  • It now supports tests
  • The home page cards have had a design refresh
  • Translation strings for all standard buttons have been added for all languages

Improvements to Custom Author Roles

Clients at the Business, Business + and Enterprise subscription level now have more options available for controlling whether a custom Author role can:

  • Use Baselines
  • Use Recents
  • Use Marketplace
  • Change the theme player properties

You can learn more about creating Custom Author Roles here

New Report available – Published – plus filter improvements for all reports

A new report has been added to display the details of all published projects, including the ability to filter the Published report to only show projects which have been modified since their previous publish.

And all Reports can now be filtered by Last Modified, Account, Publish Type and Standard.

You can learn more about Reports here

Wait, there's more!

Our team has also made many other smaller but very helpful improvements to dominKnow | ONE:

  • Project Review now supports mobile devices.
  • The Link To URL action now has a new target, New Browser Window, added to the existing targets, Popup Window and Modal.
  • You can now add alternative text to the character for each scene in a scenario.
  • Several enhancements have been made to our support for WCAG to improve the fidelity of screen readers with the dominKnow | ONE themes including ARIA role improvements, better tagging of navigation buttons, scale control, improved tab indexing and more.
  • Authors can now apply inline styling and Project Styles to a Project’s Title and Subtitle fields on the Project Properties panel’s Cover art tab. This gives authors more visual control over the display of the text from these fields in Themes that pull and display these titles from the Project Properties panel.
  • New language support for Central Khmer added
  • In a project where the Theme is set to not show Pages or LOs in the outline, learners can now select a module title in the project outline to go to the first page of the first learning object in the module
  • The Course Player and Story View themes now allow you to hide all learning object titles from the project outline
  • A new module System Variable has been added to return the average question score without taking question weighting into consideration
  • For SCORM 1.2 packages, authors can now set the course to always send a score when the learner attempts a test if the LMS requires it. If this setting is not selected, SCORM 1.2 packages will only send a score if there are no attempts left or the learner has passed.
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