This week on #IDIODC Keith Stoneman joins us to discuss the successes and the failures of his journey to corporate training success.



The world of Learning and Development has changed over the decades, but many companies have a difficult time deviating from the comfortable path of "the way they've always done it."  As instructional designers and corporate training professionals we make it our responsibility to improve all forms of learning within the organizations we serve. But that is no easy task. It's often a very long journey that requires a strategy, patience, and more than a few skills we're never taught in our graduate school ID programs. 
We were very lucky to have Keith Stoneman join us on IDIODC to discuss his journey.  He shared his successes and failures and gave us all an opportunity to reflect on the things that might be holding us back in our own personal journey. 
Keith has identified 5 key principles to success: 

  1. Have an executive sponsor 
  2. Use updates to educate key leaders and stakeholders - a little at a time 
  3. Demonstrate you're using everything you have before asking for more 
  4. Good SME content + good L&D practice = great results 
  5. Better 80% done than 100% perfect 
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