Theme colors are available to style elements throughout your projects as you see fit.

However, they are also assigned to specifc elements by default. See below for a list of those elements. 

Theme Color #1 

  • the submit button for questions 
  • the Story View Player:
    • the hero homepage and
    • the hero square background
  • the Tutorial Player:
    • view buttons / reading time / menu button / course menu
  • the default project end screens:
    • gauges and progress icons
    • the Continue button
    • the header background (for most Players)
  • the Knowledge Base Player
    • the Learning Object titles on the Landing page 
    • menu tabs (Topics / Index / Glossary)
    • topics - Learning Object title
    • topics - Current page indicator
    • the header Learning Object title bar
    • "Related Articles" text at the bottom of pages
    • glossary term in glossary popup

Note: Click on the images below to scroll through examples



Theme Color #2 

  • the correct feedback panel for test questions
  • buttons on the default project end screens (Take Test / Retake Test / Review Test)



Theme Color #3

Note: This color is not used

Theme Color #4

  • the partially correct feedback panel for test questions
  • the Story View player:
    • in the menu to show visited pages
    • Reading Time
  • the default project end screens
    • the View Certificate button
    • Incomplete message 



Theme Color #5

  • the incorrect feedback panel for test questions



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