In some cases you need to create a timer for the content as a user may need to remain in a course for a certain amount of time before they can obtain credit.

Content timers are tied to modules, so each module in a project can have a different timing. To set content time:

  1. Open the module properties and set the Content Time in hours, minutes, seconds and miliseconds.


After putting the time in, the timer will appear in the project automatically. You may wish to set up controls that utilize this timer. For example, you may wish to prevent a user from navigating to the last page until timer has expired, or show something based on the timer's value. These are all added by triggers and actions with the trigger being the content timer value.

On the page you wish to change something based on the timer:

  1. Select Interact Tab -> Triggers -> When a Variable is Changed
  2. You then select Content Time, Current Module Content Time, or the named Module Content Time.  If you just want total time, pick Content Time.
    1. Content Time is the overall time across all Modules.  
    2. Current Module Content Time is the time of the current Module.
    3. The named module allows you to pick the time of different modules no matter what module you are in.
  3. Select Equal to and enter 0 in the Enter Value field.
  4. Select Next and then pick the type of action you wish to happen based on the timer reaching zero.  
    1. e.g., Enable Next button, show elements on a page, advance to the next page 

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