Adding a timed test is quick and easy.

To create a timed test the first step is setting the time:

  1. Tests are tied to modules, so each test in a project can have a different timing.
  2. Open the module properties and set the Test Time in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.


The next step is to turn on the timer option.

  1. Access the publishing profiles: Application menu -> Publish -> Publishing Profiles
  2. Select the publishing profile your project is using.
  3. Select Actions -> Edit. Select the Options tab and under Post (or Pre) Test check the box Enabled Time Test.

Now when a user takes the test it will automatically have a timer based on your settings. If a learner runs out of time, the test will automatically score the test based on the questions answered, with all questions not answered marked incorrect.

NOTE: Timing is set at the Module level so you could have multiple tests in a single project with different timings.

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