Liza Wisner joined for a wide-ranging conversation including DE&I, Creating Upskilling & Reskilling plans, and more.



Many training teams are already deploying DE&I courses.  Is yours? Are you building your own courses or buying off-the-shelf curricula, or maybe even both?  What if there was more to it than that?

It's not an easy decision to make, and in some cases, it's a difficult conversation to have within your team, organization, and/or company.

On this episode, Liza Wisner joined us to talk about DE&I and so much more.  She has an amazing background and unique experiences to share with the IDIODC community.  She was a top 3 finalist on the television show, "The Apprentice" and serves her community as the Senior Curator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at OpenSesame.  

You might also be interested to know that she is part of our community being professionally trained in computer science and educational technology.  

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