Browser choice makes a great difference in Capture results

When Capture is recording a lesson for a tool that is browser-based it relies on the browser's accessibility features to help determine items like the names of buttons or other functions you interact with in the tool.

Different browsers have different levels of support for accessibility, which in turn affects the success of your Capture lesson's recording process.

Because of this, we do recommend some browers over others when making a Capture lesson for a browser-based tool.

If the tool isn't open in our recomended browser, you'll see a dialog box. 


    Your Capture recordings will have the best information if the tool or application you want to Capture is open in Edge for Windows or Safari for Mac

    The second-best browser choice is Firefox for either Windows or Mac. And Firefox is the best option for Windows versions that don't have Edge, such as Windows 7.

    NOTE: We're refering here to the browser which the application itself is open in. You can still be logged into your dominKnow | ONE account in Chrome or another supported browser.

    Capturing lessons for an application open in Chrome

    Google Chrome is the most challenging browser, and to use Chrome you must turn on the accessibility features (Chrome has them off by default).

    To turn on accessibility features in Chrome:

    1. Open a new Chrome browser tab and enter this URL: chrome://accessibility/
    2. Select the Native accessibility API support option

    This will apply to making any Capture lesson for applications or web sites you are viewing in Chrome.

    Even with accessibility turned on, Chrome provides less information than the other browsers, so we recommend using Edge or Safari if at all possible.

    If you are not using the best browser option when you start to make a Capture, you will see an alert dialog box.

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